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Piano Care

For all their moving parts, pianos are relatively low-maintenance machines. You never even have to add oil! That said, there are a few simple things a piano owner can do to help prolong the life of their instrument.

1. Keep your piano out of direct sunlight.

2. Keep heating/ac vents from blowing directly on the piano. Deflectors can be purchased at most hardware stores.

3. Maintain a constant, year-round humidity level in the room as best you can. Set the humidity level to whatever is comfortable for you, and leave it there.

4. Have your piano tuned bi-annually or annually. Some pianos are fine being tuned once a year; most really need it every six months. Ask your tuner what your piano needs. Brand new pianos should be tuned two or three times minimum within the first year.

5. Keep food and beverages away from the piano. Pianos never need food or drink; they are inanimate objects.

6. Do not attempt to clean the inside of a piano. Leave that to the experts. There is too much inside that can be easily damaged.

7. The cabinet (outside) of your piano can be treated like any other piece of fine furniture in your home where cleaning is concerned. Special products are not necessary.

8. In most cases, keys can be cleaned with nothing more than a warm, damp cloth (not dripping). For stubborn dirt, a couple drops of liquid dish soap can be added to the cloth. Residue from stickers can be removed with Goo-Gone. These suggestions apply to both plastic or ivory white keys, and plastic or wood black keys.


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